Building your brand by blogging

The most valuable brand worn on a person could be his/her name. Instead of purchasing nice brand name clothes, establishing a good reputation could be a better way to gain more respect, admiration and even wealth. With the power of the internet, it becomes easier for us to make this come true by using the tools of Web 2.0. While these tools lead business world into Enterprise 2.0, they bring individuals into Personal 2.0. One of the most considerable Web 2.0 tools for building personal brand is blog. As blogging has become a popular activity online, it is essential to know how to blog efficiently. This blog is going to practice some tips of successful blogging and might help other bloggers.


Providing useful information

Information is power in the modern world, especially virtual world. A brilliant blog is supposed to consist in creating novel ideas and collecting data systematically in specific fields and become a miniature information center.

Creating unique style

There are numerous blogs on the internet and therefore it is important for every blogger to build a distinctive blog. Once we have decided the style and direction of our blog, keeping it simple would be a quite good principle to follow in the beginning.

Inviting readers

The value of a blog could not be estimated without visitors, hence the importance of gaining audiences.  Other Web 2.0 tools such as social network websites could be used to promote our blogs. Furthermore, tagging keywords properly lets blogs be searched easily and widely.

Interacting with audiences

After catching readers’ attention, we have to make an effort to keep them and encourage them to visit our blogs frequently. Listening to and responding them might be the best way to show how we value their comments about our posts.

Updating at regular intervals

Every new article on blogs would either catch previous readers or attract new ones. High frequency of posting usually leads to a large quantity of visitors. Because of this, blogging once a week can be a good start for beginners.


In addition to what need to be done, being bloggers, we should be award of making some mistakes in design and try to avoid posting certain topics. Keep these things in our minds when we post articles, I believe that we could enjoy the journey of blogging.


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6 responses to “Building your brand by blogging

  1. hi nice to meet you,
    i think we met before ,didn’t we?and i hope you will really enjoy this subject !

    see you on friday!

  2. Hey pip,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. You’re right that we have met each other last year. I’m glad to study with you in the same class. See u soon. ^^

  3. In fact, there are many ways to build a successful blog. However, just like your wrote in this post, in my opinion, regularly updated is the biggest influence to the success of a blog. Blogger need to have enough enthusiasm and perseverance to keep writing. This is not a easy work. That is why most of the companies ignore this point and led to the abandoned blog.

    • I agree with your point! Regularly updating is one of most important factor in the success of a blog, but it sometime is not easy to practice well. There could be no new article on a blog for a while because Bloggers might have been busy with other work during that period. This is a potential problem which bloggers should deal with.

  4. Hi,
    I got a rough idea while i was reading your blog. cz this is the first time that i’m going to use the blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas…
    Anyhow.. nice to meet you….

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting here. It’s great to know this post helps you to manage your blog. Nice to meet you too. ^^

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