BBC 2.0 and Starbucks 2.0

After the UK government published the White Paper about the future of the BBC in 2006, this news company focuses not only on national cultural life also in the development technological future. Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC, said “The BBC’s traditional public purposes – modern versions of Reith’s original inform, educate, entertainment – are joined by another which is to help build digital Britain.” From its website to mobile apps, BBC successfully practices the White Paper in Enterprise 2.0.

Wiki Workplace

Forrester Research states that “One thing that helped at the BBC was that the forum environment was collectively owned; this helped people take responsibility for how it was used.” By using Web 2.0 tools, such as wikis and blogs, BBC has flattened their hierarchical communication structure in the workplace.


BBC has realized that it is inefficient to do everything by itself, so its website can link to other high-quality sites to use other people’s content and tools to enhance its site, and vice versa. BBC allows readers paste its news or video on their post in blog or the wall in Facebook and Twitter. This can encourage readers to promote BBC news in their networks and massive readers would link back to its site. Last month, BBC launches its iPlayer, an app for Apple iPad, to provider readers a new way to share everything they gain from BBC.

BBC iPlayer

Starbucks which was founded in 1971 in Seattle and has expanded to nearly 9,400 cafés in 35 countries grew with the strategy of “Acting Globally.” By using various Web 2.0 tools, this company could be another successful example of Enterprise 2.0.

Being Open

In order to listen to customers’ voice, Starbucks Washington, established a blog called My Starbucks Idea to be an online community where its customers and employees can go online and submit their ideas. This community could be followed on Twitter as well. 75,000 ideas have been submitted but 25 ideas activated in the first year (from 2008 to 2009). As only 0.03% of My Starbucks Ideas became action at that time, Starbucks claims that it has launched 150 ideas from this website until this month.

Open platforms

After launching My Starbucks Ideas, Starbucks is quite active on the social media as well because “it was important for us to go where consumers are and to provide a valuable and meaningful brand experience”, said Alexandra Wheeler, Starbucks digital strategy director. In July 2009, Starbucks became the most popular brand on Facebook, with more than 3.6 million fans. A report published by Altimeter Group, which a research-based advisory firm that helps companies and industries leverage disruption to their advantage, named Starbucks the No. 1 “most engaged brand” at the same time. In addition to the PC platform, Starbucks have released two apps to provider its service on mobile phones platform as well.

Starbucks’ Mobile Applications


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5 responses to “BBC 2.0 and Starbucks 2.0

  1. Hi Chienju
    It’s a very good post about how these two companies successfully using web2.0 on their business, great research and information provided! But what do you think about the benefits to company and users by involving web2.0 into business? Just want to hear your personal opinions.

  2. Hey Polin, this is a fantastic question. Actually, I have answered it in my next article. Either benefits or potential risks are discovered by researching different cases. Hope you will like that article. Cheers, Chien-Ju

  3. Wow! It is a very interesting post. I like the My Starbucks Idea. It is awesome and clearly show me how to use web2.0 on their business. Thank for your introduction.

  4. My Starbucks Idea is fantastic for Starbucks’ customers and fans such as me. This site shows that Starbucks considers its employees and consumers partners of it. It is a great experience for people using this site.

  5. This surely makes great sense to me

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