Blogging & Micro-Blogging Strategies in Officeworks- Building Relationships

Being a chain of Australian office supplies stores, Officeworks has used several Web 2.0 tools in its business and is likely to become a considerable Enterprise 2.0 (E2) company if more E2 strategies can be practiced in this organisation. Blogging and micro-blogging would be one of the best methods for Officeworks to enhance its branding, enhance corporate culture and build relationships. As the third point of the case study of our team, E2US, this post is going to discuss how Officeworks could build external relationships by blogging and micro-blogging.

While an external official blog is established by an organisation, potential consumers and investors would gain information about the organisation more directly from this blog rather than from a traditional official website. Because of this, Officeworks has used the “notes” function on its Facebook to post the information of its activities. However, it is essential to build its professional and formal blog to pass messages on to the public and engage them more efficiently. Vodafone’s blog could be a good example in this point. This blog has categorised all articles into more than ten topics in order to be read and searched easily by users who might become customers in the future after reading. After readers read these posts, leave comments and get response quickly, most of they would like to purchase products from Vodafone.

Micro-blogging would create a space for a company to interact with its potential customers and even build a community of its fans. Although Officeworks’ Twitter has been a platform for this company to gain immediate feedback of their experience from its consumers, this platform could be used to invite people to be a part of Officeworks by sharing their ideas about improving the process of Officeworks’ services. For example, Starbucks’ “My Starbucks Idea” on Twitter builds a good relationship with its 27,434 followers and makes these people feel that they are important to the company.

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3 responses to “Blogging & Micro-Blogging Strategies in Officeworks- Building Relationships

  1. For enterprise like Officeworks, multiple enterprise 2.0 will help for branding via different ways. From current situation, they do use twitter very well, but this communication is just temporary efficiency, if their contacts do not check twitter with high frequency, the information will lose its value

    • I agree with you. The frequency of updates on blogs or micro-blogs is a good point which could affect significantly the effectiveness of this strategy. Therefore, organisations should pay more attention to their blogs or micro-blogs once they have established these tools.

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