Bottom-up Management – A Wiki Stretagy for Officeworks

While establishing blogs could help Officeworks to enhance its branding, enhance corporate culture and build relationships, wiki is another useful Web 2.0 tool which will suit this company. Being a platform for collaborative intelligence, wiki can be used internally for project management, tech support, research and development, event planning and reference material in Officeworks.

There are several wiki strategies which would be suitable for Officeworks. To help a retail chain with diversified services is a significantly useful wiki strategy in this case. Despite this, one of the most important wiki strategies is creating a bottom-up management. As most traditional corporations do, Officeworks has a vertical and closed social architecture in the whole of company. However, Charles Leadbeater, an associate at the UK-based think tank Demos, believes that “our preoccupation in the century to come will be how to create and sustain a mass innovation economy in which the central issue will be how more people can collaborate more effectively in creating new ideas.” Therefore, it is necessary for Officeworks to build its internal wikis to encourage horizontal collaboration from every employee in the company. Furthermore, wikis could help this company not only to harness collective intelligence but also create enhanced value.

While establishing wikis would cost Officeworks extra money on software and education, the spending on wikis could be a good long-term investment. Dennis Howlett, a corporate software specialist, mentioned that many CEOs know that wikis is a technology which “is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of enterprise technology and that implementation can be rapid” and “could hold incredible promise for business effectiveness across their entire value chain in releasing huge amounts of resource back into the business.”

It can be conclude that wiki is an essential Web 2.0 technology for Officeworks to become a member of successful enterprise 2.0 corporations.

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7 responses to “Bottom-up Management – A Wiki Stretagy for Officeworks

  1. I like your strategy but one of the most common issue with companies implementing a Wiki is their top-down hierarchy approach which is the opposite of what you are introducing in this post. The upper management faces uncertainty when they allow autonomy for employees to collaborate and innovate. On top of that, if they are not careful, legal implications would complicate things even more.

    • That’s true that this theory includes bottom-up and upper-down. It might be difficult for managers in this organisation to accept this strategy at the beginning. However, they would understand how useful it is when they build and use wikis properly and carefully.

  2. Yes, wiki is a collaboration tool with enterprises. For officeworks, it may be quite useful for many decisions. But one thing in my concern is, wiki can be extremely efficiency for making important decisions and plans. But what if these materials will not be so valuable after this decisions? How does an enterprise handle these online data

    • That’s a good question! In my opinion, these online data could be kept and saved as an record for the project or plan which has finished. Although the data would not be helpful for its project anymore, it might be valuable for another project as a lesson in the future.

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    Good post..

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