Building Officeworks’ Organizational Resources via Social Network

After introducing how blogs and wikis help organisations succeed in their business, social networking also plays an essential role in enterprise 2.0. While social network tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Youtube, become significantly popular, the power of social network on the internet has been increasing rapidly in business world. As Officeworks has built its Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn could be another useful and powerful web 2.0 tool for this company to practice one of most important the social network strategies- building organizational resources.

Traditionally, an organisation, such as Officeworks, discovers its resources of potential clients, partners or employees by introducing by others and interviewing with them face to face. This is a safety way to gain accurate and useful resources but not quite an efficient method in modern world. Recently, social network tools provide platforms for companies to build their resources specifically and quickly from everywhere connecting to the internet. Therefore, social networking would bring considerable benefits to Officeworks. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Officeworks would expand its business with LinkedIn’s help.

By using the search functionality of LinkedIn, Officeworks can learn more about its potential clients or partners before contacting them. A good deal of information about various companies and individuals relating to Officeworks’ business has been gathered on LinkedIn. Once Officeworks has linked with this site’s company page, people or organisations needing its services will not only find this company immediately but also be found easily by this company. Furthermore, the human resource department of Officeworks would be able to gain highly skilled workers who are searching for a suitable job on LinkedIn to be the new employees of this company. Because of these points, there is a tendency for Officeworks to build organisational resources effectively via social networking tools, especially via LinkedIn.

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4 responses to “Building Officeworks’ Organizational Resources via Social Network

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  2. Yes, social networks are not always for marketing, but to gain the best staff possible. Those who present their selves will in social networks will present the company well in the future

    • It is a good method for companies to observe their potential employees by looking at the social networking activities of these people. Additionally, LinkIn could provide organisations more information about the working experience of these people. Because of this, organisations would find suitable and right people to work for them.

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