Running a Conference with Social Media’s Help

To promote and plan a conference, such as 34th International Geological Congress, usually takes a lot of time and cost a huge amount of money. In order to save time and money, several web 2.0 tools, especially social networking ones, could be useful and helpful for an organisation to conduct a successful conference.

Before the conference, online social media could assist the organisation in various ways, including:

1.Plan with social media tools:

2. Organizing and inviting:

3. Promotion and distribution:

During and after the conference, online social media could also give the organisation some help, including:

1. Optimize the event for social media sharing:

  • Twitter and Facebook for listening to attendees’ opinions;
  • Ustream and Mogulus for providing live video service

2. Post-event social media communication:

  • Twitter and Facebook for keeping in touch with all the attendees (for future events);
  • Flickr, YouTube Vimeo and Viddler for uploading the record of the conference

As Meaghan Edelstein, who works for the Global Strategic Management Institute, mention, social media in a conference could be used to help attendees connect with each other, broaden participation, encourage attendees to share information and provide recreation. However, if these tools are too many to handle for by internal team of an organisation, Magnify’s custom-built EventCaster could be another choice for the organisation to get assistance to run its conference efficiently with social media’s help.


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3 responses to “Running a Conference with Social Media’s Help

  1. Good post! I like how you’ve mentioned the use of technology beyond simple text services. Streaming and hosted video of the conference would add value by allowing attendees to absorb more information, and spread word of mouth to possible attendees for future conferences.

  2. That’ true that conference attendees could be the best helpers for next event if organisation engage them to post their comments or sharing photos on their social network about their the experience of joining this conference. This point might be a suitable suggestion for IGC.

  3. Very organised post, The way you explain different stages how social media could assist before conference and after conference. also you have provided me a lots of new web2.0 technologies that I have never seen, and how each of them can help on different areas of conference.
    Well done ChienJu

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