BBC 2.0 and Starbucks 2.0

After the UK government published the White Paper about the future of the BBC in 2006, this news company focuses not only on national cultural life also in the development technological future. Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC, said “The BBC’s traditional public purposes – modern versions of Reith’s original inform, educate, entertainment – are joined by another which is to help build digital Britain.” From its website to mobile apps, BBC successfully practices the White Paper in Enterprise 2.0.

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Building your brand by blogging

The most valuable brand worn on a person could be his/her name. Instead of purchasing nice brand name clothes, establishing a good reputation could be a better way to gain more respect, admiration and even wealth. With the power of the internet, it becomes easier for us to make this come true by using the tools of Web 2.0. While these tools lead business world into Enterprise 2.0, they bring individuals into Personal 2.0. One of the most considerable Web 2.0 tools for building personal brand is blog. As blogging has become a popular activity online, it is essential to know how to blog efficiently. This blog is going to practice some tips of successful blogging and might help other bloggers.

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Hello world!

Hey everyone,

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