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Building Officeworks’ Organizational Resources via Social Network

After introducing how blogs and wikis help organisations succeed in their business, social networking also plays an essential role in enterprise 2.0. While social network tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Youtube, become significantly popular, the power of social network on the internet has been increasing rapidly in business world. As Officeworks has built its Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn could be another useful and powerful web 2.0 tool for this company to practice one of most important the social network strategies- building organizational resources.

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Bottom-up Management – A Wiki Stretagy for Officeworks

While establishing blogs could help Officeworks to enhance its branding, enhance corporate culture and build relationships, wiki is another useful Web 2.0 tool which will suit this company. Being a platform for collaborative intelligence, wiki can be used internally for project management, tech support, research and development, event planning and reference material in Officeworks.

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Blogging & Micro-Blogging Strategies in Officeworks- Building Relationships

Being a chain of Australian office supplies stores, Officeworks has used several Web 2.0 tools in its business and is likely to become a considerable Enterprise 2.0 (E2) company if more E2 strategies can be practiced in this organisation. Blogging and micro-blogging would be one of the best methods for Officeworks to enhance its branding, enhance corporate culture and build relationships. As the third point of the case study of our team, E2US, this post is going to discuss how Officeworks could build external relationships by blogging and micro-blogging.

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